Setting production and final names with the UI

Production names and final names can be set in RoboFont.


The GOADB data can be stored in the UFO lib, so it is passed to makeotf when generating a font.

UFO3/RF3 supports a dictionary with production names (keys) and final names (values) in the font’s lib.plist, under the standard key public.postscriptNames.

f = CurrentFont()
f.lib["public.postscriptNames"] = {"A.test": "A", "Something": "C"}

It is still possible to store glyph names using the same data structure in the com.typesupply.ufo2fdk.glyphOrderAndAliasDB, but the public lib is preferred. If both libs are stored in the ufo, the public.postscriptNames will be used and the other one ignored.

UFO file (production names)
OTF file (final names)

Notice that .notdef and space glyphs are inserted automatically by RoboFont. These glyphs are required for a working OpenType font.

Last edited on 01/09/2021