Implementation of quadratic beziers in RoboFont

Starting from version 4.0, RoboFont offers full support for quadratic bezier contours, with the possibility to draw an infinite (theoretically πŸ˜…) amount of control points for each segment.

The full support of quadratic curves provides finer control over outlines for TrueType fonts required by multidimensional interpolation schemes allowed by variable fonts technology.

Other cubic-to-quadratic conversion algorithms are possible using code libraries or extensions.

Display colors for quadratic points

The color of quadratic points in the Glyph Editor can also be configured in the Glyph View Preferences. Look for the following settings in the section Appearance:

  • Off-curve Stroke Color (Quadratic Beziers, TrueType)
  • Handles Stroke Color (Quadratic Beziers, TrueType)

The same two settings are also available in the Preferences Editor:

  • glyphViewQuadraticHandlesStrokeColor
  • glyphViewOffCurveQuadPointsStroke
cubic curves (PostScript)
quadratic curves (TrueType)

Choose distinctive colors for PostScript and TrueType points, to avoid confusion between the two.

Last edited on 01/09/2021