The Extensions section collects settings related to Extensions, start-up scripts and shell scripting.


Use the Extensions tab to install and uninstall extensions.

option description
Plugins folder Set the default folder for installed extensions.
+ Install an extension.
- Uninstall an extension.
Search Search for extensions by name.
Sort tools Set the order of tools in the Glyph Editor’s toolbar.

Start Up Scripts

Use the Start Up Scripts tab to collect scripts which will be executed when RoboFont starts up. The list supports individual .py files and folders containing scripts.

option description
+ Add a start-up script file or folder to the list.
- Remove a script file or folder from the list.
click + drag Select an item and drag it into another position to reorder the list of scripts.


Use the Shell tab to configure the RoboFont shell command, so you can run RoboFont scripts from Terminal.

Select Allow remote scripting to enable the RoboFont shell command.

Last edited on 01/09/2021