The Font Overview window includes a collapsible Smart Sets panel, which can be toggled with one of the Views icons in the Toolbar.

A Smart Set is a list of saved Search & Find queries. Smart Sets can be grouped with Smart Groups.

There are two kinds of Smart Sets:

Query-based Smart Sets
Dynamic Smart Sets defined by a query. Identified by a little gear icon.
List-based Smart Sets
Static Smart Sets defined by a list of glyph names.


action description
click Show all glyphs in the selected Smart Set.
double click Edit the Smart Set item, either as a search query or as a list of glyph names.
right click (only for list-based Smart Sets) Show a contextual menu with a list of all missing glyphs, and an option to create them.
⌥ + click Set all glyphs in the Smart Set as selected.
click + drag Change the order of the Smart Sets.
delete (del or backspace) Remove the selected Smart Set.


option description
Delete Item Delete the selected Smart Set.
Export Sets Export Smart Sets to a .roboFontSets file.
Load Sets Load Smart Sets from a .roboFontSets file.
Export To Group Export the selected set to a Group.
Create new Smart Set from glyph names Pops up a sheet where you can create a Smart Set based on a list of glyph names.
New Smart Group Create a new Smart Group to store and sort Smart Sets.

Creating list-based Smart Sets

To create a new list-based Smart Set, choose ‘Create new set from glyph names’ from the options menu (bottom left of the panel). This will open a sheet with input fields for Set Name and for a space-separated list of glyph names.

Press OK to create the Smart Set.

Adding missing glyphs

Each list-based Smart Set displays a counter with the total amount of glyphs in the set. If available, a second counter (in parentheses) shows how many glyphs in the set are missing from the font.

To create missing glyphs in a Smart Set, right-click the Smart Set to open the list of missing glyph names, and double-click a glyph name to create the glyph.

Creating Query-based Smart Sets

Query-based Smart Sets are defined by one or more search queries. The glyph names in these sets are the result of the query applied to the current font.

The Search & Find panel can be toggled with one of the Views icons in the Toolbar, or with the keyboard shortcut ⌘ + F.

Last edited on 12/12/2019