The Extensions section of the Preferences collects all settings related to Extensions.


This sub-section contains options to manage installed extensions.

option description
Plugins folder Set the default folder for installed extensions.
+ Install an extension.
- Uninstall an extension.
Search Search for extensions by name.
Sort tools Set the order of tools in the Glyph Editor’s toolbar.

Start Up Scripts

This sub-section allows you to define scripts which will be executed when RoboFont starts up.

option description
+ Add a start-up script to the list.
- Remove a script from the list.
click + drag Select an item and drag it into another position to reorder the list of scripts.


RoboFont can be configured to work as a shell command, so you can run RoboFont scripts from Terminal.

Check the option Allow remote scripting to enable RoboFont as a shell command.

Last edited on 20/01/2018