Guidelines are moveable lines which can be used as visual aids during the design process. They are defined by a position and an angle, and are not part of the glyph’s contours.

Guidelines can be of two kinds:

font-level (global)
displayed in all glyphs
glyph-level (local)
displayed in one glyph only

In UFO3, each guideline may also have a color attribute and a unique identifier.

RoboFont 3.3

Individual guideline colors are displayed in the Glyph View if available, and can be edited in the Guidelines section of the Inspector panel.

Creating and editing guidelines

To create a new guideline, drag a line from one of the rulers into the Glyph View.

Make sure Rulers and Guides are visible in the Display options.

There are different ways to edit a guideline:

  1. Right-click the guideline to open a contextual menu, and edit the guideline’s properties.

  2. Use the Guidelines section of the Inspector to edit the guideline’s attributes, including its color.


action description
drag from rulers Create a guideline.
⌘ + drag from rulers Create a global (font-level) guideline.
⌥ + drag Rotate the guideline.
mouse over Cursor displays guideline values.
drag over point in glyph Snap the guideline to a point.
drag out of the view Delete the guideline.

Contextual menu

option description
Name Name of the guideline.
Position The guideline’s center point as a (x,y) coordinate.
Angle Angle of the guideline.
Is Global Make the guideline global (font-level) or local (only this glyph).
Display Measurements Display measurements where the guideline interesects the glyph.
Magnetic Determine how fast a dragged selection should snap to the guideline.
Lock Guides Lock all guidelines.
Lock Images Lock all images.
Slice Glyph Slice the glyph at the intersections with the guideline.
Delete Guide Delete the guideline.
Last edited on 02/06/2020