Anchors are single points with a position and a name. They are commonly used as reference points for attaching components to base glyphs.

In UFO3, each anchor may also have a color attribute and a unique identifier.

RoboFont 3.3

Individual anchor colors are displayed in the Glyph View if available, and can be edited in the Anchors section of the Inspector panel.

Adding anchors

To add anchors to a glyph, follow these steps in the Glyph Editor:

  1. Right-click on the canvas to activate the Editing Tool’s contextual menu.

  2. Choose Add Anchor to open the Add Anchor sheet:

  1. Give the anchor a name (required).

  2. Click on the Add button or press Enter to create the anchor.

Editing anchors

Individual anchor attributes can be edited using the Anchors section of the Inspector.

Last edited on 02/06/2020