The Glyph Editor is where all glyph-specific data is created and edited, one glyph at a time.


The Glyph Editor offers basic interactive tools to manipulate glyph shapes:

More tools can be added to the Glyph Editor’s toolbar by Extensions.

Glyph data

A glyph contains different kinds of visual and non-visual data.

Non-visual glyph data can be edited in the Glyph section of the Inspector panel:

Visual glyph data can be edited interactively in the Glyph View:

Display options

The Glyph View can display several layers of glyph data. Use the Display options menu (at the bottom left of the view) to configure the Glyph Editor to the task at hand, hiding irrelevant information and leaving only relevant layers visible.

Transform Mode

Transform allows you to apply scale, rotation and skew transformations interactively to different types of objects.

Glyph menu

When the Glyph Editor is active, the options in the Glyph menu become available (for all tools).

Last edited on 02/06/2020